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JV Computers offers three-tiers of Managed Services to meet your individual business needs.  Each tier builds and improves on the previous.  It is JV Computers' goal to maintain a good user experience, not limit you by the number of machines you use.  As such, plan pricing is per-user, not per-device, and is dependent upon your individual organization's complexity.

Plan Tiers

Malware Protection

Bronze includes basic, definition-based antivirus with automatic daily quick and deep scans

Silver and Gold plans include enhanced Endpoint Detection and Response - a behavioral-based malware protection.  Always active, with roll-back protection and requiring less of your system's resources


Gold also includes Web Protection providing category filtering to prevent employees from browsing unwanted sites, as well as protecting you from malicious and fraudulent websites


Bronze includes automated, secure, encrypted cloud backup with unlimited data for your main machine and document-only backup for any additional machines

Silver and Gold include full automated, secure, encrypted cloud backup with unlimited data for all your machines with the option for hybrid on-site/off-site backups, as well


Regardless of tier, a 3-2-1 backup plan is always recommended:

  • 3 Copies of your data

  • 2 Backup mediums

  • 1 Off-site

Hardware Consulting

Bronze does not include any free hardware consulting

Silver and Gold include free hardware consultations as well as the first 3 hours of labor for all new computer installations


Gold also includes two hours of free on-site education per quarter (may not be rolled over)

Remote Assistance & Patch Management


All three plans include discounted rates starting at $100/hr


Bronze includes Remote Maintenance and patch management for your workstation operating system, only

Remote and On-site projects are billed in 1 hour increments

No after-hours on-site support


Silver and Gold plans include Full Remote Maintenance, Patch Management, and Assistance support for your OS and all installed applications on your workstations and servers

Remote projects beyond maintenance are billed in 1/2 hour increments

Network Maintenance

Bronze does not include network hardware or server maintenance.  Any maintenance will be done at customer request at the Remote Project rates

Silver and Gold include network hardware monitoring and firmware updates within 2 weeks of release, Wi-Fi maintenance, 24/7 monitoring of all your Windows machine critical functions, free Windows Server phone support, monthly Server application maintenance, and VPN maintenance


Gold also includes free monitoring of network printers, remote monitoring of non-Windows server critical functions, free continuous monitoring of up to 5 complete network paths, including internet sites

Technology Road Map

The technology road map is a full evaluation of your networking hardware, workstations, and servers, as well as a road map for recommended upgrades and replacements, budgeted over time

Bronze offers the technology roadmap for a flat-fee of $999


Silver offers the technology roadmap for a flat fee of $799


Gold offers the technology roadmap free of charge

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